More snow in Venice


More Snow in Venice!

Today we experienced the 2nd snow day in Venice! Our plan for today was to visit the various islands around Venice. Our first activity today was to visit Murano Glass where we witnessed several glass figures being made. It was fascinating how the worker made a glass figure in 2 minutes and 29 seconds! After we visited in Murano, we got on the boat and we visited another island where we got to explore and we visited a coffee shop. On the new island, the buildings and houses were brightly colored. Out of the 2 islands, the second one was my favorite because the snow continued to fall and we got to walk around in the town with the other delegates. After we returned to the school, we had lunch indoors and due to the snow, we spent the remainder of the afternoon getting to know our delegates and playing icebreakers with them.
We then split into our individual Model UN committees. In my committee, FAO, I met several other delegates from whom it was the first MUN experience too, so it was a relief to know that other people were in the same boat as me.
Once I met my host, his friends and I began my favorite tradition that he does after school each day: getting a snack and walking around Venice. We stopped at a cafe and got my new favorite snack- a fried ham and mozzarella sandwich. I’ve had it before and it is very delicious! After my host, his friends, and I ate the sandwiches, we then went shopping to help find one of my host’s friends find a suit for the gala on Saturday night. Even though I already have my clothes for Saturday night, it was a fun experience to encounter Italian clothing stores. We finally returned home to my host’s home to have a family meal together.
Duncan O.