Today was the first day of touring Venice with the other foreign schools, and I was excited to meet some new friends, especially Dutch friends because I love Amsterdam. When we arrived at school, everyone was in one room to get ready to go touring, and I got to figure out who was who. While we were at the Doge’s palace, I met a Dutch girl named Annabeth. Her English was very good, and our American group was quickly drawn to her after she approached Ashley.
Later that day, we sat by the water and ate gelato while waiting for our next scheduled activity. There were seagulls screaming for no apparent reason, as well as more of those fat pigeons. We showed Annabeth memes that are so typically American. It was nice to relax a bit. After that, we walked a while and then sat down again. We were told to prepare our photo ID for the arsenal, because it’s a government facility. We showed each other our awful passport pictures and wondered how the image was of the same person we saw here. Ashley was very amused with Annabeth’s passport, and kept over-exaggerating the pronunciation of “passpoort”.
At the end of the day, we were cold and tired from walking, so we (the American group) split off from everyone else to go to a cafe. However, after we ordered 6 hot chocolates and went to find a table, we realized that everyone had followed us anyway and took the last table. Luckily for us, the surrounding buildings blocked the wind, so sitting outside was not so horrible. Italian hot chocolate is more like hot chocolate pudding, but it was delicious. Ashley and Megan occupied themselves with taking pictures of their food for Instagram.
Despite the cold, it was an amazing day.
Katie M.