Art and Architecture

Today we visited a few churches and museums in Venice. In one museum, it replicated a typical Venetian house from the 16th century. An interesting fact on the architecture was that the ceilings were flat, but the artists contoured them to look like they were shaped into domes. Another interesting fact was about an exceptional female artist for her time, since women were not allowed to be artists. She was known to paint royals across Europe, but she used pastel over oil paints. This went on to show that it wasn’t the materials needed to produce good artwork. 
In the opera house, we learned about a famous singer named Maria Callas. She worked at the theater for seven ears, and was finally given a chance to perform. This then went on the launch her career, and boosted the theater as well. Again, the opera house similarly used the contouring method to make a dome ceiling. 

After touring, the Americans went with my host shopping around Venice together. We stopped in a quiet book shop that was very neat and more local than touristic. Afterwards, we tried a dessert with homemade whipped cream and bar shaped chocolate gelato.Then we went to a coffee shop and had hot chocolates for a few hours and played a new card game called 31. Overall, it has been fun learning about the different culture as well as getting closer with my fellow Collegiate students.

By Megan