A cold arrival!

By Ashley D.
Today, we arrived in Paris a little after 8 am. It was a pretty alarming wake-up call for all of us, since we hadn’t realized just how cold it would be in Europe during our stay. After a few more delays and snack breaks, our plane finally arrived. We took a bus to where the plane was, then boarded and began our flight.

A few hours later, when we landed in Italy, everyone was a little more well-rested and very excited! We discussed how thrilled we were to finally be in Italy while walking down to the dock of a water taxi that would be taking us to the school. When we arrived at the island, we walked down a few streets before finally reaching the school with our luggage. Immediately, I recognized the uniqueness of the school we are visiting. It is located in the middle of a neighborhood. Instead of having multiple one story buildings like our school does, we saw that it had one very tall building. The layout and design of the school fascinates me; I have never seen a school with so many stairs and hallways. During lunch, we were treated with about a dozen different dishes, ranging from chicken cooked with vegetables to mini pizzas to croissants topped with powdered sugar. A few students passed by, greeting the teachers and welcoming us. They were all so friendly!

After lunch, we walked around Italy and saw a handful of famous statues, canals and streets. I had known a little about Venice’s history from Latin class, but I was very surprised to hear some stories that I hadn’t before. I was also shocked by how beautiful all the buildings and boats were! We stopped by a small perfume store that still had the same construction and design as when it had been the town apothecary before. Overall, we got our first real taste of Italy today and we are all very excited to spend the next few days exploring and learning!