CDLS 2017 Closes with a Bang


The final day of CDLS 2017 was truly spectacular.



The day commenced with local Delhi sightseeing where we saw marvelous and substantial demonstrations of Mughal architecture. We saw Humayun’s Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and predecessor of the Taj Mahal, and Lodi Gardens as well as many monuments from early Indian history. We went into depth about the significance and geometric precision of each monument.


After visiting several monuments, we returned to the Modern School where we began the anticipated cultural stalls and performances.

The delegates from all the countries exhibited their wonderful cultures through various traditional foods and crafts. At the United States table, the exhibition was full of traditional American candies like Starbursts and M&Ms along with some nifty patriotic accessories. We presented our stand to the honorable dignitaries, including Shahnaz Husain, and they immersed themselves in the culture of our country.



The evening tied off with the Valedictory Ceremony where we received participation awards and awkwardly took photographs. The countries then performed their performances which embodied the culture of their country. Everyone’s performance was outstanding including our presentation of the iconic American poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

The night finished with a tremendous dinner and many tears as the delegates departed and said their last goodbyes. The experience of being at CDLS and discussing the worlds issues with intelligent and wonderful people from around the world has been truly inspiring.



The integration of the unique culture into the summit also provided and enriched experience like none other. I am extremely glad that I got to partake in such an event, and I am sad to say goodbye to the friends that I have made on this trip. Hopefully some of those bonds will last for a life time. I plan on visiting some of the delegates this summer and continuing the relationship that we established at CDLS 2017. I look forward to bonding time with my host family tomorrow and returning to the United States to prepare for the exciting exams.

Peace out CDLS 2017!!