Site Visits and Discovery

IMG_0824The primary focus of today at CDLS, at least for our countries, was on the color bias of facial whitening creams. To learn more about the topic and encourage discussion, we traveled and listened to individuals from Looks Salon as well as Shahnaz Husain’s opinion on the controversy of facial creams.

IMG_0849At Looks Salon, we were educated about the negative effects of facial whitening creams such as skin cancer. There is also a dangerous chemical in many face whitening creams known as hydroquinone or benzene-1,4-diol, so we examined the ethics of companies selling products that are dangerous for society.


I had a particularly interesting conversation with Precious, a delegate from the United Kingdom, about corporate responsibility. She was arguing that as corporates tailoring to the entire society, they should include people of all races and colors in their advertisements. They shouldn’t just use beautiful models that are fair in their advertisements but people of a variety of colors and shapes.

While I fundamentally agreed of the ethics behind her statement, we discussed the idea that the goal of companies might not be to help society, although we would hope so, but rather to maximize their own profits through whatever means necessary. We also discussed the fact that it might not necessarily be our duty to ask the companies to embody everything people want from them However, we could both agree that companies need to warn their consumers that there are immense negative side effects of using the face whitening cream. At the Looks Salon, Mr. Kehlenbeck also got a unique once in a life time facial, but unfortunately, you had to be there to see it.

After that, we visited the house of the notorious yet slightly eccentric billionaire, Shahnaz Husain. Born into a royal family that followed traditional customs, she was married young and had her first child at 16. Without a formal education, dreams of a career and the help of her father, Ms. Husain, went back to school while raising young children and upon completion, began working.  She had to go through many obstacles just to receive her education.



From there, she gradually grew her company into the cosmetic empire that it is today. She honed in on the benefits of using organic and natural herbs along with deviating from the normalities of society when deciding a profession.

She also provided Jensen with some of her selective cosmetics, and he can tell you about that if he wishes to.



Although we returned late, we were in time for the last round of the interactive workshop. Jensen along with some of the other delegates made a tremendous song about the theme of Inclusive Growth. Finally, we went out to dinner together at a nice Italian/French restaurant.



Tomorrow, we are looking forward to engaging in some traditional Indian dancing along with rehearsing for our anticipated cultural performance.


Images from our drive through Deli to Look Salon and to Shahnaz Husain’s home.