A Visit to the Chesire Home in New Dehli

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Although the day involved arts and crafts, the most pertinent aspect of today’s experience was the visit to the Cheshire Home. The Cheshire Home is twenty minutes away from the Modern School, and it is an establishment for the mentally and physically disabled of all ages. Founded by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire in UK after the World War II, the friendship between Group Captain Cheshire and Major General Virendra Singh led to the 1957 opening of the largest home in India located in New Delhi. Major General Singh’s father founded The Modern School, our New Delhi host and Collegiate’s partner school.

There is a sense of melancholy as well as happiness that comes when visiting the residents of the Cheshire Home. Although it is sad to witness the limitations that many of the residents face, there is a heartwarming sensation that derives from knowing that you made someone happier either by engaging in a conversation or merely smiling. Sometimes the most helpful thing for people who are suffering from disabilities is the knowledge that someone cares for them and is willing to take time out of their day to interact with them.

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The establishment of an environment where they feel accepted and cared for is essential. On the other hand, the stories, songs, and crafts of some of the residents were truly inspiring. Along with talking, listening, and purchasing some of their fine work, we performed a sub-par version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, but the residents seemed to enjoy it.  The kids were also eager to dance and obsessed with the stickers our friends from the UK had brought with them to share.

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The Cheshire Home is definitely a place where I would like to keep a lasting relationship through donations when I return home as their mission to use vocational education and ensure residents feel like they have a lasting purpose is motivating. The experience was truly eye opening, and it was extremely pleasing to observe the work that the staff of Cheshire Home puts into ensuring their residents are cared for and receive attention.

– Deven