The biggest lesson



Going to South Africa taught me many lessons, and truly gave a more realistic view on the lives of individuals who live day to day in a corrupted society. The harsh reality of the living standards in South Africa startled me. There is a clear monetary divide. What puzzled me was seeing how there was only a upper class and lower class, there was no median. What really hit me was our visit to Sandton and Alex. Sandton, a thriving and beautiful city that had wealth drawn all over it, being that it is the richest square mile of all of Africa. Then traveling only a few minutes down the road and over the bridge we arrived in Alex. The lifestyle of the individuals in Alex was sickening, it brought tears to my eyes to see the unsanitary, dangerous, and weak shacks that the people lived in. The shacks had barbed wire and a few bricks on as the roofing, using the barbed wire as protection so that others will not steal the properties of the the homeowner. But, it was not only sadness that came from my trip to Alex, I also felt joy and inspiration when I saw how happy, positive, and faithful the people of Alex were, which seemed to be a trait that the people of Sandton lost. If I could choose my favorite lesson learned on my trip to South Africa it would be that genuineness and faith are the qualities needed in an individual.