After 30+ hours…


-Greer and KJ


Greetings from South Africa! After a total of 31 hours of traveling, we can all say that we were happy to arrive at Lebone. After our 15 hour flight we arrived in the Johannesburg airport, where we waited another hour in the customs line. Everyone’s luggage arrived, and Mpho (one of the faculty members) picked us up for another 2 hour van ride. We stopped at McDonald’s on the way, learning that in South Africa the McDonald’s menu is much different i.e. the corn. When we got to Lebone we all split up and went to our separate dorm rooms. The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast, which included this yummy juice that no one knows the contents of, and waited around the school for all the other students to arrive. As the day went on people started to meet their roommates (except for Greer because she somehow got a single). We also saw monkeys!! We went on a tour of the beautiful campus and we are all looking forward to getting to know the other students over the next couple of days.

(Our photo shoot while waiting for the other schools to arrive)