Goodbye to Beijing

On our last night in Beijing, we enjoyed walking through the old city and the winding hutongs. We met up with a 2014 Collegiate graduate now working in Beijing after studying here for a semester as a UVA student. She told us about her summer internship working on creating stove-powered bath houses for rural Tibetan women to help with their basic sanitation and health care. 

After dinner we rode the subway back to our hotel. Beijing’s super modern and expansive subway system has grown exponentially over the last ten years. No visit to Beijing is complete without a subway ride, so we made it our last activity before leaving. 

The next morning we negotiated the crowded and lively train station to board our train to Xian. As we headed out of the city of the high-speed train that travels over 300 km per hour, we caught glimpses of the country side and the vast construction in the many cities we passed through.