Seeing the sights

By Jonathan W.


Today, we traveled around Venice, going to the Rialto Bridge, Ca’ Rezzonico, and the Salute.

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Rialto bridge was renovated a few years ago, and is absolutely stunning.  


Ca’ Rezzonico.  This palazzo began construction in the 17th century, and finished building in the 18th.  We learned about the origin of the word casino, meaning small house, which is a room for socializing and gambling during winter (or whenever, really), but now casino means something completely different.
Wednesday, March 8 (1)

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, commonly known as La Salute, was dedicated to Our Lady of Health after a devastating outbreak of the plague.  Venetians embark on a pilgrimage to this church yearly.  It is an impressive piece of architecture, featuring a huge dome from which a chandelier hangs, columns, and many altars with paintings by famous painters such as Titian and Tintoretto.

It was a long day of walking and our feet were hurting, but the sights were worth it.