Island Hopping

By Deven P.


Our day commenced with the visiting of an ancient church on the gorgeous city of Murano, which is known for its intricate and authentic glass designs. The church’s ancient history and aesthetic mosaics were mesmerizing even though the deceased corpses were a bit appalling.


After visiting the church, we returned to observe the production of glass in Murano. While we watched a flaming ball of glass, originally derived from sand, be caressed and shaped into extraordinary shapes, we were amazed by the intricacy and expertise of the deisgners. We made sure to stop at the gift store for some unique souvenirs!

The second island we visited was Burano, which is famous for its colorful houses and artistic aura. We enjoyed our lunch in Burano while  we observed the leaning tower, marveled at the attractive walls, and rested near the water.

The final island we visited was Torcello, and it surprisingly had only 15 inhabitants. At first, we observed the Devil’s Bridge which was said to have been built during the duration of the night by “devils”. After stumbling and falling while nearly experiencing traumatic  encounters with the water, we visited one last church with a stunning mosaic. The mosaic encapsulated the ideas of Jesus Christ and his judgement of people as they proceed through life. It was especially egregious because the mosaic was composed of thousands of miniscule pieces of glass which were coated in various colors.

Finally, we returned to the school to play in an intense soccer game followed by a dinner with all the delegates. Although everyone seemed a little uneasy about the upcoming conference, we had an amazing time. Today was probably one of the greatest experiences we had while sightseeing in Italy.