The last of Cadiz!

As the trip comes to a close, I couldn’t be more grateful for such a great group of girls! Their excitement about learning the culture and positive attitude even after long days was much appreciated! 
Now for the activities! On Thursday the girls learned how to dance Sevillanas, a very typical from, yep you guessed it–Sevilla! It was pretty entertaining to watch from the outsiders perspective abd they did a really good job! Thursday night the girls went to a fiesta with some other students from the school before watching some fire works on the beach to celebrate San Juan, which is the celebration of summer arriving. 
From what I’ve heard the girls say, today was one of their favorite activities–surfing! Some were experienced and did great, some picked it up quickly and were very impressive and others just enjoyed being out in the water (me).  Finally, we had a farewell dinner in front of the Cathedral of Cadiz!

In a few hours (literally) we will be catching the bus to Sevilla and heading home!