Alcalá de Guadaíra

Today was another busy today of exploring and new experiences. We spent the day at a small town close by called Alcalà de Guadaíra. A few of the host families live in this town and we were lucky to have the mother of one of these girls show us around. We started the day at town hall and discussed how the town government functioned and what the room we were in was used for. We then learned about the town a bit and about their soon-to-be-famous “tortas de Alcalà”. They are working on marketing this product all over the world.

After town hall, we went to a church at the very top of the town and spoke with two nuns about the culture of the Catholic Church in Spain. It was pretty cool/random because both nuns were from the US and one was actually from Virginia!

After we went to the old castle close by and explored a bit, it was small but nice. Then we went short but beautiful hike through a park in town. The girls had a great time and were even teaching their host sisters how to swing dance! 
The best part (at least for me) was the food! We ate at a restaurant in a cave and it was gorgeous. The food was delicious and the girls probably ate way more than they thought they could, but it was worth it. 

And finally.. We had our farewell dinner at the nearby country club with many of the host sisters. Again, lots of food, but all so delicious! 

Sevilla has been an incredible experience for all! Tomorrow we are off to Granada!!