Magic Statements


Each student was given the following prompt:

Imagine your time in Nicaragua has come to an end.  How do you feel about what you experienced?


We are leaving Nicaragua. Since I’ve been here, my appreciation for small, seemingly insignificant things in Richmond has grown. (Hopefully) I won’t take for granted consistently hot showers, a washing machine, clothing options, or things like phones or computers. I am grateful for my time spent with my friends from both Collegiate and Los Quinchos alike. I’ve learned a lot from the kids from Nicaragua. I feel like there is room for me to re-evaluate the occasional superficial and materialistic thoughts and complaints that preoccupy my time. I wonder if I’ll ever return back to Los Quinchos. I can’t be sure about how my relationship with the people and places in Nicaragua will be, but it’s my hope that my experience at Los Quinchos will create relationships that will make it so I have a reason to return. 

— Kate S.

After leaving Nicaragua I free extremely appreciative for all the small things in my life that I take for granted. The children at Los Quinchos have shown me how to find beauty and happiness in the small things. I see how silly it is to attach happiness to material items. Not only the kids here but the Nicaraguan people as a whole find happiness in the small seemingly insignificant moments. A smile from a friend,  a good game of cards, or a shared meal have a whole new impact on me. I also can’t help but feel a sense guilt, the people here have such a different standard of living than I do. I feel so blessed for all the opportunities I have and want to use them to give back to these people who have impacted me so much during this week.

Tess P.