Glacier fresh

Spencer’s letter to his trusting parents:

Dearest Mother and Father,

I never thought I’d be here. Living, breathing as one with the mountains and snow. Although beautiful, the land holds many secrets. As weeks go on, the weather appears to be getting colder exponentially. The bitter cold burns at night and becomes difficult to sleep. After accidentally drinking pond water (mistaking it for fresh glacier water), I fear I have fallen ill. The bitter cold doesn’t help my case either, as my health would worsen if I leave the tent. Watching the waterfalls and pondering with nature is the only way to cope with my conditions. 

I am beginning to fear that I will not make it home, for winter is coming. With the cold and lack of darkness, I may be going insane. I live off of granola and yogurt. I am not the only one suffering in this glorious country. Brad has been talking in his sleep and cries at night as he worries he will never see his family again. Brad has been leading the group in morning excursions to prepare for the harsh winter. He claims that the routine will grant a six pack in a week, but doctors hate it. We are training quickly with the hopes of seeing our family again, with the exception of Colleen. Colleen has been missing in a glacier since day one, but we haven’t given up. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, for as Destiny’s Child says, “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up. I’m a survivor, gon’ keep on surviving”

With love and hope,

Spencer “Glacier Fresh”

PS We’re really all good – loving it here.