After a long day…Fish & Chips with a view! – Troy Roupas

We commenced our day with a 6 am wake up call brought to me by the
one and only, Ben Rising. The day was fired up with a half hour bus ride through the winding mountain roads to the school, Playas del Coco. We had the chance to incorporate lacrosse with the 3 Physical Education classes we would be assisting. The teenagers we instructed were very easy to get along with and enjoyed everything from light throwing, to the competitive half court box lacrosse games. Splitting up into small groups and going head to head with other Collegiate led teams was a fantastic  experience. Once lunch time rolled around we took a bus back to our temporary residence and grubbed some delicious lunch. After lunch we had some free time which was spent by the pool. The weather was quite toasty but the breeze came in clutch. The break ended so we headed down to the field which we had been playing on with the local kids for the past few days. Today, Monday, was not your typical day. We had the opportunity to have a student led session from 315-5. Once we arrived the kids began piling up from around the town. My personal favorite was the game which was given the name “Base Lax” by our own Coach P. The kids seemed to enjoy the smooth combination of baseball and lacrosse, a game unrivaled by any other in the History of Costa Rica and the USA. We concluded our day with a fantastic grub with the Lacrosse the Nations rep, Megan from Costa Rica. The restaurant sat right on the beach which gave us the opportunity to take in the sunset and scenery as we ate our food. I personally went with the fish and chips which was quite delicious. All in all the day was a great experience. -Troy Roupas