Welcome means smiles and a burning sun! – Grant Gorsline

Today was our first full day in Playa Potrero, our second in total. So far we have had a great time as the weather has been good and the people have been incredibly welcoming. We started our day with a field day with all the children from the area. We played multiple games with them, culminating in a full-field soccer game that I, along with the rest of our group, truly enjoyed. From there we went to the beach, which I can’t put into words how scenic the view was. With cliffs in the skyline and sunscreen adequately lathered onto each of us, we spent over an hour enjoying the Pacific water and the Costa Rican sun. After we had our fill in the ocean, we went to lunch and then spent about an hour relaxing and recharging ourselves before our afternoon work. The second session of our day included making signs for the community and helping reorganize the school’s equipment room. It was really neat to see all the stuff that had been donated to Lacrosse The Nations. There was a ton of Geronimo, Collegiate, and St. Catherine’s gear in the storage room. It was cool to see that our community back home has had a tremendous and extremely meaningful impact on the Lacrosse The Nations organization and the children of Playa Potrero. My favorite part of the day came at the very beginning however, when a group of kids came running towards us in anticipation of us joining them for field day. It was very humbling to see that they were so elated and ecstatic to have us with them for another day. One of the kids came straight up to me and grabbed my hand on the walk to the field, as if we had known each other for months and we were close friends. We all owe a great deal to our Spanish teachers as they have been preparing us for a trip like this since we first began learning the language. I personally owe a big thank you to my mom who has been influencing and aiding my ability to speak Spanish ever since I was a little kid. The experience has been amazing so far, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we couldn’t have chosen a better place to lend a hand and spend a week in for our senior projects. – Grant Gorsline